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LIL’ EXPLORERS ST. CLOUD is a place of true excellence in
early childhood education in Saint Cloud, Florida.

A sure path to a brighter future for your preschooler!

  • You want your child to grow up to be intelligent and in tune with the world around them.

  • You crave a world-class preschool right in Saint Cloud where you can be sure of the positive impact on your preschooler by exceptional teachers who have the mandate to instill lifelong values at a very early age.

  • You care about exceptional child-teacher ratio and facilities, extensive community engagement for your preschoolers and adolescents while making the process of education memorable.

We work tirelessly to give your child a quality foundation which would be good when your child eventually begins school.

  • We offer an environment where children learn to compromise, be respectful and gain a sense of self, and make decisions on little things without the help of their parents.

  • After-school care for your toddler until you’’re able to pick them up.

  • We help to get them ready for school where they learn patience, how to wait their turn and answer questions put to them in class.

The Lil’ Explorers will begin school with a strong educational background in language skills, listening comprehension, attention management skills, and a positive attitude toward learning.

  • We nurture kids’ language skills in an environment where children develop their cognitive skills by introducing and teaching them new vocabulary, in an informal setting like sing-alongs art and other activities.

  • We engage in teaching pre-math and pre-literacy skills like teaching them numbers and letters in ways that will definitely be appealing to the kids. 

  • The children learn to do things for themselves and take pride in helping out around the classroom.

See Our Awesome Reviews!

I have 3 kids here at Lil’ Explorers. My oldest has been there over 5 years. They are so friendly. They also are very helpful and understanding when the family has emergency and family issues. Mr. G and Mrs. Rosa are so cheerful and welcoming at 6 am in the morning when I drop my kids. I know other parents that have been there for years and we enjoy all the staff. Thank you for all you do!

Patricia D.

Best daycare ever!!! My kids love everyone there. Taught my youngest to potty train in less than 1-2 months once she turned 2 years. Fun, clean, and respectful group!!!

Annette M.

I have been a teacher there for 10 years. I am currently one of the vpk teachers. I love it!

Uraina W.